As seen on Better Homes & Gardens: 5 house-selling secrets only a property stylist knows

Thinking of putting your property on the market? Well today is your lucky day! We are sharing a few of our well-kept secrets on how to sell your house fast and efficiently!

The Ewww effect!

Declutter and depersonalise the entire home. Think hotel like presentation. The key to this minimalistic approach is hiding any clues that people inhabit the home. Buyers are attracted to new and fresh, not old and used. Having the home professionally cleaned is the best cost effective way to ensure buyers are not confronted with any nasties like odours, hair in drains, dusty surfaces, dead bugs and stains. It’s a common misconception that you may need to spend a lot of your pre-sale budget on cosmetic improvements. But by decluttering heavy furniture items, personal items and giving the home a solid clean adds a simple shine and lasting impression. People want to see the home they are buying, not all your personal belongings.

Lighten Up!

Let there be light. Light it’s your best friend when you are presenting a home. Open all those curtains and blinds and use natural light as a tool to create airy open spaces. Even opening windows and creating airflow is comforting to buyers visiting the home. To create a show stopping experience replace your standard and power saving globes with high wattage and power up the entire home like a stadium. Adding an extreme amount of light will do wonders for your photo shoot and also wow people as they visit in person.

I see RED!

Once you start actively looking at Real Estate photography you will start to observe repetitive DO’s and DONT’s of property presentation for yourself. Along with my personal pet hate of visible electrical cords, colours play a part in what makes or breaks an appealing room. My advice is always sick with naturally inspired cool tones. Follow ocean and Earth for inspiration. Blues and shades of grey from the skyline and oceans. Marble, slate and limestone, mixed timbers and natural greenery and fresh leaves to add warmth. I personally stay away from Reds, oranges and purple even if they are trending, simply because they are too overpowering and aggressive for a homes marketing campaign.

Perfect Pairs

Creating a symmetrical floor plan is my favourite way to create a luxurious room. Use the centre of the room like an axis whatever you add to one side of the room you need to balance on the other. Centre the beds in the bedrooms, Pair with matching side tables and lamps and centred artwork that’s - 100% symmetry. This will not only photograph beautifully but will also create a sense of space around the bed to enhance the size of the room. Placing a sofa directly in line with the media unit and coffee table is another beautiful way to create the rooms symmetrical feel in a living space. It’s all about the perfect alignment that guides the room’s direction.

Lights, Camera Action!

The way we market property has evolved and buyers view your home online. This means they would have seen every room of your home already before they even enquire or even decide to attend a home open. This mean the first impression is actually your photo shoot that forms your marketing campaign. Not nailing the photoshoot can be devastatingly costly. The longer your homes sits online the faster it declines in interest. But I have a great hack that’s super easy. When you are preparing your home for it’s photoshoot do a little dress rehearsal. Most photographers will take photos from the corners of the room, use your iPhone and test what you can see. I guarantee your test photos will show you things like cords showing, kinks in rugs, off centre artwork, sheets not tucked in at the end of the bed. Small little 1%’s that will improve your image quality. This is a part of the property sale you can absolutely control and I strong you urge you to. The rewards will be superseded!

Check it out now on Better Homes & Gardens here!

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