Our top 5 tips for making a space feel luxurious

Let's be honest, we aren't shy in admitting that a luxury home really gets our toes tingling! There is just something about the sleek lines and high-end finishes that really bring a sense of luxurious elegance to a home, making it feel more like a 5-star hotel than a residential property. Now, unfortunately not all of us can live in a state of grandeur, so we have composed a little list of our top tricks to make any space look and feel opulent!

Focus on statement pieces

Whenever we turn the pages of Architectural Digest, we are always faced with breathtaking celebrity homes and architectural masterpieces that always have a little touch of pizzazz about them. I'm sure you know exactly what we're talking about, so what is this pizzazz you may ask? Well, to us, it's statement pieces that catch the eye and elevate the home. Think a velvet arm chair or a stand-out centrepiece... Whatever you choose, don't get carried away, instead focus on each piece standing on their own.

Add greenery

This is probably the quickest and easiest fix to upgrade any space. A touch of fresh greenery takes any room from average to expensive. Whether it's a large fern, a small potted plant or a bouquet of fresh blooms, this small, inexpensive touch can really pay off!

It's all about colour

When deciding on a colour palette for your space, it’s important to carefully consider ALLLL the elements. For a room to look more luxurious, choose hues that complement each other, rather than clashing. It may sound simple, but by opting for two or three main colours, you will ensure there aren’t any moments of friction. Opt for shades of grey, brown, blue, white and black for foolproof success!

Get arty

If you've been following our styling journey you will know that art is such a core part of every property we undertake and usually frames our entire styling concept. We seek out pieces that complement not only our style but the whole property overall. We also love pieces that tell a story to add character and a point of interest to the home. The secret to luxurious artwork is choosing pieces that flow from room to room. Opt for differing heights and spaces depending on your furniture, and try a sculpture for an added sense of opulence.

Texture is everything!

Good quality textiles can be the difference between a room feeling luxurious or just plain cheap. Choose throws, pillows and carpets which enhance the space — because pilling, flaking and shedding is a big no-no! Shop for these like you would your bed linen, look for quality and opt for handmade where possible. Treating textile buys like you do furniture will ensure they stand the test of time.

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