Francesca Gnagnarella talks "Emotional Landscapes"

After years of collaborating on several projects we have finally had the chance to sit down with our beautiful friend and extremely talented artist, Francesca Gnagnarella, to talk all about her simply AMAZING artwork.

Francesca is an Italian born, Australian contemporary abstract artist, who has been living and working in Perth since 2007. Her mind-blowing pieces incorporate bold brushstrokes and dripped paint together with the use of 23 Carat Gold leaf, which enriches the paintings with a unique luminosity and elegance.

Having exhibited in Paris, Rome, and now regularly in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, Francesca's pieces have been collected and sought after by numerous private and corporate collectors all over the world. We are extremely proud to have worked with her across many of our premium properties and now, showcase our styling amongst her phenomenal pieces for her upcoming exhibitions in Melbourne and Hong Kong later this year.

We had the chance to catch up with her earlier this week to pull apart her brain on how she creates such breathtaking pieces!

Can you tell us a little about your style?

I call my works ‘emotional landscapes’. They capture fleeting moments of memory with a vision that is emotional and intuitive, remembering a sunrise, looking at the earth and the sky in the sunshine or after rain; recalling the oranges, ochres and soft greys of a sunburnt desert; the clearest azure waters, the softest sand, the brightest sunsets.

I enjoy portraying the landscape in an inspiring manner to give a sense of uplifting familiarity, trying to capture the essence of a place, rather then reproducing it from photograph, through an exaggeration of colours, forms, and texture.

Where do you look to find your ideas and inspiration?

I am fortunate enough to live between the ocean and the river so I usually start my day walking my puppy on the rivershores surrounding my home. On my walks I can slow down, observe my environment, take in colours, patterns, textures to refuel on inspiration. And, most importantly, I can capture in my mind the light, which has a particularly vibrant quality here in Perth and is represented throughout my works with the use of 23 karat gold leaf, which has become my signature style.

Does your new collection differ from your past works?

In my new collection my colour palette has been mostly soft and subtle, with a delicate, lyrical quality in which hue against hue contrasts with smoothness, emulating the play of light triggered by the uncompromising sun on the landscape, represented in my works by the use of 23 karat gold leaf.

What is your favourite piece of artwork in your new collection and why?

‘Paradise island’ is my latest favourite (always a hard choice as I fall in love with every single piece once completed!) as I think it represents mostly what my latest collection is about. The style in this piece can be described as dreamlike, perhaps because it simply doesn’t exist outside of my imagination! While the reinterpreted scenery seems filtered through the rose-tinted lens of a lover’s gaze, always soft in focus, it has become my unique brand of romance that speaks also of that indistinct feeling of mystery, excitement and remoteness from the everyday that we all covet sometimes.

What colours do you like to work with most at the moment?

I usually work on more than one piece at the time, so that really helps me when I get ‘stuck’ on one but continue painting on other canvases. I most often can swing from rich and moody dark blues into soft pastels hues. Sometimes it’s just a mood, or the right moment that strikes the inspiration to use particular colour palettes instead of others. At times, I might have a particular piece in my studio for months before I know how to proceed with the next step of creation or to know when a piece is finished.

Any hints on what you have planned for the future?

I’m very excited to announce my first show in Melbourne in collaboration with Saatchi Art and The Other Art Fair which will be held in August and soon after I will be back in Hong Kong in September for my 9th show in the city.

For more on Francesca's beautiful artwork, please visit her website

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