The Law of Attraction

At Perth Style Co. we make it our primary goal day-in and day-out to attract buyers to properties - not distract from them. Now, in today's market, this couldn't be more important as statistics show that a buyer's first impression can be made in just the first TWO MINUTES - can you believe that?! With the average home open viewing lasting 12-20 minutes, there isn't a lot of time for potential buyers to view the entire property and take in just how many features the property actually has. That is where we come in!

We think it is essential that we support and highlight the existing features of any property, allowing these aspects to naturally shine through and become more obvious to potential buyers. Whether this is sense of space, property specifications or simply style, there are numerous reasons why the law of attraction is successful when it comes to selling property.

So, what can you do to aid this process? Well, there are a few easy factors, that when eliminated, set you up for success!


You will be able to understand why bad odours are the number one turn-off for potential buyers. No matter what the smell is - smoke, pets, dampness or food - bad smells can mean an unwanted environment for many people. Odours present distractions from what a property really has to offer and often can't be detected by the property owner themselves if they have been living in the environment. Pluck up the courage and ask a trusted friend or family member if your property has any distinct odours lingering - it will be best to rid these well before your first home open.


Poor lighting can result in alarm bells for a huge number of buyers as natural light is one of the most sought after features of a property. No matter the property's size, if you know your property lacks natural lighting it is a good idea to invest in some additional lighting options. Think ambient and accent lighting which will help to give the illusion buyers are after.

Personal Effects

Family portraits, items of clothing and personal achievements - in fact, any signs of life - are often a turn off for buyers. They don't want to see how you lived in the space, they want to imagine their own lives there! And more often that not, seeing personal effects encourages buyers to wonder more about who you are, rather that the property itself. Make sure you remove as many personal effects as possible to avoid this.


It is so important the styling embellishes a property and not distracts from it. That is why, when it comes our time to shine, we invest a lot into our prior planning. Who will buy this property? What will appeal to them? How will our styling support the space and practicality? These are the questions we always answer first to ensure we are targeting the right audience and showcasing a property to it's full potential.

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