How to achieve the 'minimalistic' look in any home

It’s something perfectly executed across magazine spreads time and time again, yet when it comes to everyday living, embodying the minimalist style in your own home doesn’t come without it’s challenges and that is because we somehow manage to accumulate so much STUFF!

So, what does it take to nail that minimalist look at home? Part ways with the non-necessities and go back to basics! Ditching the clutter not only adds a sophisticated and sleek look to your home, but clears the mind too so follow our step-by-step guide to minimalism below!

Clear surfaces of clutter

Take a look around your place – is it filled with items in the wrong spot? You’re certainly not the only one! This tends to happen to everyone over time as you get carried away with day-to-day life and things begin to find new homes. If you’re really keen to achieve that minimalistic look you need to tend to this asap! Sort through everything, keeping only the essentials, before organising these by priority. Be strict with yourself and repeat this process every few months – you’ll be surprised what a fresh set of eyes can find!

Make a neutral base

One thing we always stress to anyone that will listen is that your base is so important! A fresh lick of a subdued hue such as white, grey or cream helps to ensure a clean and crisp environment. An assumption people often make is that these hues bring boredom and disinterest to the home, but this is certainly not the case! Look to incorporate a yellow or blue undertone to your colour choice which will help to balance the light in the room whilst giving the space that homely vibe that is often hard to achieve with a minimalist style.

Opt for quality over quantity

A theory we like to apply to as many facets of life as possible - investing in quality always seems to be the smarter choice. When it comes to creating that minimalist look, you’re often left with not much to work with which typically makes shopping for this style even harder. Each piece should be carefully considered to ensure its purpose is necessary. Your best bet is to invest in the classics that will stand the test of time and are built to last.

Embrace texture wherever you can

There’s always one person that thinks the minimal look is cold, bland and boring but that’s simply not the case! The key it to introduce texture into different rooms of your home. Think knitted throws, cushions, rugs and décor pieces which add points of interest. Just make sure they are all within the same colour palette and you’re set!

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