Offering 180-degree views over Halls Head Beach from both levels of this two-storey Mandurah home, this property was simply begging for relaxed beachy-chic styling to help sell not only the home, but the amazing lifestyle this home presents!

So how can you introduce coastal styling to your home without the overuse of shells and nautical symbols you might ask? Well, there are some simple tricks you can employ to get your home feeling like a coastal retreat before you know it!

1. Use texture and patterns to create BUZZ!

One of the easiest ways to achieve that beachy, relaxed vibe is to incorporate some texture and pattern into your interior styling. Whether it's with cushions, throws or decorative accessories, texture and patterns work perfectly in this style as they introduce interest without the need for a bold statement or too much colour.

In this property, we've layered different textured cushions and introduced a tie-dye pattern into this bedroom whilst staying true to our coastal themed colour scheme. Our textured weave bedside lamp adds just a little extra!

2. Embrace (beachy) colours

It might seem simple, but this trick can be so effective! A backdrop of white or neutral tones are the perfect edition to a coastal feel and when matched with muted shades of colour, can be the perfect way to create that cool and calm environment.

If you're anything like us, sometimes it can be hard to incorporate colour into styling. When it comes to coastal, think greens, blues or the soft colours of a sunset (as pictured below). Introduce them via your accessories, soft furnishings and artwork - that way you're not committing to any "forever" pieces in a colour you might grow to hate!

3. Invest in coastal furniture

This one might be a bit more of a commitment than some people are willing to make BUT investing in some key pieces which follow suit with coastal styling can have an amazing impact on the overall style and appearance of a property and surely that makes it worth it, right?! Think large fluffy lounges in neutral tones or cabinetry in washed timbers - these pieces tend to appeal 'lived-in' and comfortable which is the perfect fit for coastal styling.

In the case of this property, we used a weave outdoor furniture set in a soft neutral which gave that beach house vibe without even trying!

4. Put away the shells!

Approach this one with caution! You don't have to go overboard on shells, coral, boats and driftwood to achieve this look. In fact, less is more when it comes to nailing that relaxed coastal look. Think about incorporating picture frames in mixed woods, glass accessories and textured rugs which add subtle flavour as opposed to taking things too far.

In the case of this property - some MIGHT argue we got a little carried away - we used props such as this gorgeous white surfboard to finish off our look.

Photography thanks to our friends at Finesse Property Photography.

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