Summer styling for home opens

The warmer months are a fantastic time to list your property as the weather is warmer and typically more buyers are out in full force ready to purchase.

As Australians, with summer comes more entertaining at home, people coming together, enjoying the backyard for BBQs and a dip in the swimming pool. Styling your property in accordance with summer ensures your property presents well and looks fresh - appealing to more potential buyers and their lifestyle expectations.

So what does it take to achieve summer at home?

Let the outside in

Summer months means longer days and increased likelihood of entertaining at home - with this comes the need for indoor-outdoor living. No matter the design, size or build of your property this can be achieved through making simple changes to increase flow between areas. Include potted indoor plants, switch heavy curtains out to allow more light and accessorize your outdoor area with rugs, a lounge modular and cushions. These tips are especially important if your property has an impressive outlook such as sea or city view as it highlights this important selling point.

Brighten your decor

Brightening your décor can help to refresh and uplift your property. Make each room bright and lively using lamps and pops of an accent colours such as blue, yellow and green. Summer in Australia is bright, fun and high energy so consider accessorizing your property with geometric patterns or florals to ensure your home tells a similar story. Look to cushions and decorative items as an easy and affordable option to really impact each room.

Add some art

Art has a massive impact on any room and is such a quick way to update and inject life into your home. Look to Adairs or Freedom for some affordable options or you could even get creative and opt for a DIY solution! Let your create juices from and look to framing tea towels or funky wrapping paper for something different.

Don’t neglect your gardens

Enhancing the attractiveness of your outdoor areas will indicate just how appealing your property can be. It’s essential you keep your gardens immaculately presented, indicating that they’re easy care with no sign of obvious maintenance required.

Give purpose to areas

Whether it’s a formal dining room, sunny day bed or outdoor cabana make sure you’re showing the purpose of each area. Many buyers can’t see the potential of every area of your home so make it obvious to them. Incorporate props to each area such as a novel and glasses, dining set or some glasses and a bottle of wine – it’s amazing how these little touches can make such a difference.

Avoid clunky furniture and accessories

Strip back your furniture and decorative items and aim for a more minimalist style. This will make sure your home feels more open, airy and spacious.

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