Spring is Selling Season!

The sun is finally shining and we can celebrate the fact that it's officially SPRING! This is our most exciting time of year that sees not only the weather transform, but also interior trends evolve in preparation for summer living. The change of climate brings spectacular life to gardens and people slowly crawl out of winter hibernation! If you are considering listing your property for sale in spring then I am here to tell you that the sun brings buyers and the last few weekends we have seen them out in force!

This spring marks our fourth spring selling season. Every year we are inundated with property sellers seeking the competitive edge and evidently, spring drives exceptional results for us. With this in mind I think its important for me to share with you my top tips to make the maximum impact at home this silly spring selling period.

Spring into action!

My top DYI presale property presentation hacks for spring…

1. Lighten up – The sun is finally shining so ditch those heavy curtains and let natural light work its magic!

2. As fresh as a daisy – Let your home breath by opening windows and doors to allow for lots of fresh air. Consider removing heavy cabinetry and excessive decorative items and instead, try styling with indoor plants which help to produce oxygen inside the home. Indoor plants are a favourite of mine and perfect for summer!

3. Keep calm - Review your colour palette for the warmer months. Shades of white, soft timbers and calming cool elements help to bring a fresh approach to the new season. Don't forget you can always jazz things up it up with a new playlist!

4. Life is a holiday! – Get the resort feel and ensure you are coming home to a tranquil sanctuary! Prune, high pressure clean and complete a general tidy up of your yard and entertaining areas. Upgrade your outdoor setting and don't be shy to introduce some bold colour - these colour contracts keep your garden looking lush.

5. Know your buyer demographic and theme to suit - Million dollar properties deserve more than a quick trip to Kmart and buyers will see straight through corner cutting and quick fixes. Make sure you make the right investments to ensure your money gets you the result you're after!

What’s HOT?

Currently trending and so-hot-right-now at Perth Style Co...

1. Palm Springs Style

Palm Springs in California is nothing short of style and glamour! It is part old-Hollywood elegance with a minimalist, modern touch - incorporating sleek, clean lines and angles. Palm Spring's laid back elegance is perfectly suited to the Australian climate and lifestyle and can easily be recreated at home. Think white with pops of colour, a mix of finishes, geometric or textured accents, and oversized decor including clocks, mirrors and lamps.

2. Colour Pop

Embracing the colour pop is the perfect for anyone looking to create a light-hearted and playful space. A great way to brighten up your home, especially for summer, colour pop is an easy trend to nail! Pair statement contemporary furniture with a few standout accessories and you will have an instant update to any room!

3. Island Luxe

Island Luxe is here to stay! If you love this classic, relaxed look then there are easy ways to integrate features at home. Start with the basics first to build your framework, then add to the overall look as you find unique homewares with points of interest. Think natural elements such as raw materials and tropical plants, fresh white walls and rattan furniture.

4. Calm

Styling with calming elements is a great way to create a relaxing vibe at home. Using serene tones of greys and blues help to promote rest and serenity making them the perfect edition to bedrooms and your main living area. If you want to create a harmonious style throughout your home, look to our west coast for inspiration and use some coastal prints with oceanic tones to complete the look.

5. Blush Pink

It might have been around for a few seasons now but blush is still a strong trend coming into Spring. Named one of Pantone's colours of Spring/Summer 2017, we think it is a great way to incorporate some new life and warmth into your home. Whether it's with cushions and softs linen throws in a bedroom or on-trend artwork in a main living area, blush is a quick fix to modernising your home.













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Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season!

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