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February 18, 2015


"This is a nothing room really", they said. "Buyers could use it for storage", they said. This is a short story we want to share with you about looking outside the square, and making practicle use out of every space in your home. The more useable space there is, the more it adds value to your home. Not only that, it gives your property a competitive edge over other listings. 


A short time ago, we were faced with a room that gave us a little challenge (which we love!). Picture this – a gorgeous 4x2 family home with a large backyard in a beachside suburb. Located on a corner block with side access, this property had a hidden gem that we were excited about.


A small room with access only to the rear yard and side of the property via a gate, with nothing but an air conditioner! The owners suggested we leave the room as a storage area... NO WAY! This was a home business with direct access... $$$ BIG VALUE ADD $$$


Obviously if we styled it as a hair salon we would be significantly closing our target market and we all know the goal is to broaden our buyers market. So, we put our thinking caps on and decided on another fitting home business - a yoga studio we called 'Namaste'. Namaste (pronounced na-ma-stay) has the literal meaning “I bow to you” and is often used in yoga classes to say “thank you”. 


We thought it would be an effective way to tie in the coastal lifestyle with that of the healthy mind, body & spirit lifestyle many of us adapt these days. Selling the lifestyle of a property is so important but bringing personality and mojo will attract buyers to a home.


Please enjoy a snapshot of our room make-over via the attached video.


It is also worthwhile mentioning this property was under offer in just 15 short days! It certainly pays to enlist the professionals.


With love and style,


Sara xx

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