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It Pays to Enlist a Pro!

January 17, 2015



If there was ever a time to enlist a professional real estate stylist to help sell your home, it’s now!


Perth recorded the only sales price fall in the nation in the September quarter - eeeeek!!! 


The WA economy has started to soften and the housing market is very dependent on the state of the economy; when things go pear shaped or (in the case of Perth) start to normalise again, confidence weakens and people start being a bit more cautious.


This is exactly the reason why your property needs that special POP or WOW FACTOR to lull someone out of that insecurity. They need to be enticed with a home that is so well presented, they will reconsider in a heartbeat. 


Homes presented in the best possible light photograph better – i.e. appear on search engines such as realestate.com.au as first class, and ultimately attract many, MANY more people through your front door. Isn't that what you WANT for your property? Isn't that what you NEED for your property?


Never underestimate the power of presentation, it has added thousands of dollars to the sale of our client’s homes which is why it PAYS to enlist a professional.


Staging your home right stimulates a buyer’s imagination. It’s all about creating competition in the marketplace by presenting your home as attractively as possible.


So the best advice we can impart to you, is next time you sit down with your real estate agent to discuss marketing strategies to sell your property, include property staging. Our pre-sale styling consultations and real estate staging services will be invaluable.   


Can you afford not to?


With love and style

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