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Sara james

They say that great businesses are born when high-energy people find their niche and Sara James is no exception.


Born into the real estate industry through her father’s successful real estate company, working in the field has always been somewhat written in the cards for Sara.


After a successful and rewarding career in lending and residential property finance, Sara knows exactly what it takes to make a property sale tick. Her extensive insight into a real estate transaction means Sara can recognize just how to influence the value of a property. It did not take her long to identify an opportunity to take real estate marketing in Perth to the next level.


In 2014, Sara jumped at the chance to harness this knowledge and utilize her advantageous professional network to make her mark on the Perth property market. It was then that Sara introduced Perth Style Co.


Her strong personal relationships with agents, industry partners, suppliers, developers, and the media means Sara has access to the latest in property marketing trends and technologies. 


A company that prides itself on their innovative marketing and specialised product offering, Perth Style Co. has Sara’s expert knowledge and professional touch to thank for their success.  Since inception, Sara has taken the reigns on developing and evolving Perth Style Co.’s product offering, ensuring that attention to detail and professionalism is reflected in the quality and execution of each project.


In 2016, Sara took this to a global scale, travelling internationally with her design concepts to source and create Perth Style Co.’s original furniture collection. A unique product offering that would bring an exclusive range to Perth’s furniture market, helping Perth Style Co. to stay at the forefront of international design and our industry in Perth.