Pro Tips for Selling This Spring

Well it’s officially SPRING!

Perth property market is humming and the bees are buzzing in this beautiful sunshine!

Historically this time of year we start to see more homes hitting the market than other months of the year. 

Now, the number of homes listed for sale is remarkably low and the number of home hunters is high. At Perth Style Co. we are seeing 60-90 groups through home opens and our styled homes are selling in only a matter of weeks and in some cases days.

Our styling stars Sara James and Jes Koedyk are no strangers to the spring selling season and share their top tips for preparing your home for sale. 

1. Figure out your timeline.

If you want to move into your new home before the next school year starts, then you need to sell before Christmas, which means you need to have your home on the market by September. And to get your home sold you need to allow time for decluttering, maintenance work, sprucing up the garden and having photos taken. If you have a timeline you can manage your own expectations.

2. Create a budget for getting your home ready for sale.

You should be willing to spend about one or two per cent of the property value on getting the place ready for sale. Your budget should include the costs of storing furniture, maintenance, window cleaning, mulch for the garden, photography, videography and staging if you want to stage your home. Investing in a professional clean is a non negotiable in 2020.

3. If you don’t have budget for staging, declutter your home.

Make sure you remove all personalised items from your home – that includes family photos, kindy paintings on the fridge and hand made crafts. Buyers don’t want to see any signs of human life. Things like garden bins needs to be hidden, garden hoses removed, benchtops completely cleared.

4. Send help!

If your not feeling confident with you pre-sale plan then speaking to a professional real estate agent or contacting us for a consultation.  We are here to help you achieve the best outcome possible when it comes to the sale of your home.