A haven of your own

People often ask what the most exciting thing about working in home staging is and for us, it's simple! It's all about building the lifestyle that goes with a property and when it came to this gorgeous development, The Haven in Ridgewood, it was all about channelling the minds of the right buyer. And that is what we call, the fun part!

For this display, it was all about that "Baby Boomer" demographic who are looking to downsize to an easy-care property. Less chores and household jobs, more living and enjoying all the amazing things life has to offer. Some might say, it was our job to build a haven!

Now, it could seem like a simple task to some, but to us, it's become a fine art perfected over the years. For this display, we wanted to create vignettes scattered throughout the home that really sing to the heart strings! For example, you will see we created a kitchen cluster with the latest cookbook by Donna Hay, a dining table centrepiece with fresh blooms picked from the backyard and an array of thread neatly dispersed across the sewing room... it's these simple touches that really make a big impact when building a dream lifestyle.

Take a closer look inside...

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