Our favourite easy-care indoor plants

You probably know by now that we are massive suckers for indoor plants! Not only are they a quick and easy decorating tool, but they also help to clean the environment around them which make them a practical purchase too!

Now, indoor plants do carry some common misconceptions which are that they are difficult to care for. So, we have taken the guess work out of it and listed our favourite indoor plants that anyone could keep alive and thriving.


Known for its medicinal properties, this trendy succulent can come in many shapes and sizes with plants growing up to one metre for high impact. Aloe enjoy living in room temperature around 20 degrees which make them the perfect edition to many Perth homes. As you might expect for a succulent, this indoor house plant prefers dry soil, so avoid frequent watering for the best result.

English Ivy

One of the most stylish décor accessories of Instagram, ivy has a classic elegance that will stand the test of time! English Ivy is super easy to care for and grow with many people encouraging their plants to trail from potted stands or shelves. English Ivy thrives in moist soil and cooler room temperatures so keep the air-con pumping!

Rubber Tree

This easy indoor plant can grow up to two metres tall so it is the perfect addition to that empty corner in your living room. Known for their dark green leaves with an attractive shine, this plant thrives on lighting conditions from medium to bright and temperatures from 15-26 degrees Celsius. Just be sure to allow the surface of the soil to dry out in between watering.

Mother in Law’s Tongue

With variegated leaves that grow upright and small white flowers that bloom only rarely, it doesn’t get much easier than caring for mother in law’s tongue! This indoor plant grows well in a range of lighting conditions and any normal room temperature should suit just fine. Just remember the key to success is ensuring the air is somewhat dry, as should be the soil.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

With leaves shaped like a fiddle it’s no wonder where this beautiful indoor tree got its name! Best suited to environments with temperatures from 18-27 degrees Celsius, this plant requires exposure to bright or medium light. The surface of the soil should dry out slightly between watering. If it begins to look a tad pale, try moving it to somewhere less bright and it should come back!

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