City Sleek

Sometimes we love nothing more that styling up a storm in inner city apartments. They are usually so easy to work with and after a few quick alterations can look absolutely amazing.

So why are we such advocates for apartments? There is just so much freedom in the low maintenance lifestyle! And this project in the heart of Subiaco was no different!

With just a few pieces of statement artwork and the strategic use of bold colours, this two bedroom apartment quickly became a glamorous, on-trend home just waiting to be enjoyed. It's so easy to make your place look a million dollars on a budget. All you have to do is invest in a few key pieces and you'll be astonished just how quickly your home transforms.

Another quick fix is bright white walls which make your apartment appear much more spacious. After all, it is all about the perception of space! We encourage you to remove your window dressings, and keep furniture to a minimum - these will ensure your place feels open and airy. In the instance of this Subiaco property, we were so lucky it already boasted a fresh, neutral interior but we included a wall mirror for that extra feeling on space!

Check it out!

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