I guess that's why they call it the blues

Anyone that knows me well knows that black is my go-to colour, not just in interior styling but also fashion and just about anything else!

But understanding how critical the choice of colour is when presenting a property for sale is part of my everyday strategy. Colour choices can be difficult and I choose colour wisely, not just because it will determine how lovely a home will present visually, but because everyone filters colour with conscious and subconscious associations.

When exploring the kaleidoscope of colour I turn to blue time and time again. Blue is a high impact tone that appeals to the masses, whilst also photographing beautifully. Blue is the colour of the sky and the ocean and is the most universally repeated tone of all.

When appealing to the masses, blue is a hugely popular colour option, especially for men, as it is linked to the balance of intelligence, loyalty and serenity. Darker blues add luxury to spaces, whilst lighter blues bring a sense of refreshing cool and calm tranquility.

Here are some of my most favourite rooms I’ve styled with the power of blue, all successfully sold of course!

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