Our top 3 tips for styling an apartment

There is no denying that apartment living can sometimes be a tight squeeze, especially in inner city properties where additional space is not always at the top of the list, BUT that shouldn't mean that your style has to be compromised! In today's blog, we share all our spacial secrets from our latest project in the Perth CBD, to ensure you can make the most of every inch of your apartment, whilst nailing a beautiful styled space to enjoy!

1. Work with YOUR space

Too much furniture can quickly take over, turning your home into a difficult obstacle course! Instead of packing your property with everything under the sun, strip it back and focus on the necessities. It's important to find the right balance between practical purpose and decorative necessities! Be realistic about what will fit into your apartment and how you will function around it.

2. Unite your look

Sometimes the secret is in treating the entire apartment as one single space - there should be a unified theme from room to room to ensure there is a supportive look throughout. With an inconsistent theme, apartments can feel busy and overcrowded. To avoid this, think about your colour palette, artwork and accessories - every room should tell a similar story. For this property, we have gone with a New York loft vibe, with artwork and soft furnishings that are consistent with our look.

3. Embrace the light

When it comes to apartments, making areas look spacious & stylish can largely depend on their access to light. In our view, the sun deserves an all access pass to your home! We all know that humans respond well to natural light so the key to styling success is orientation of your furniture to soak up that sunlight. Open up main living areas to ventilation by orientating them toward northern light.

See a snapshot of our styling below...

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