Front and Centre with Spencertive

Given the opportunity to build a visual marketing campaign for a spectacular property in Floreat, we needed something extra special to stand out from the crowd!

Always on the hunt for fresh collaborations and opportunities to support local Perth talent, I met David Spencer on a stormy Sunday afternoon at his Studio in Freo for the first time and I was completely in awe of his amazing pieces. It was our absolute pleasure to showcase his work in this project, and coupled with our contemporary styling, we are simply a match made in heaven!

David's paintings reference urban life and the modern industrial world, while acknowledging nature's beauty and surprise. David is encouraged by change and pushing boundaries. He relishes in his mistakes and tire of repetition, loves the power and statement in simple compositions juxtaposed with areas of layering and detail.

“There's nothing I'm bound to other than experimenting, so I can keep pushing and trying new things.” David Spencer.

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