Attracting Attention

After the success of a previous collaboration our friends at Abel McGrath hit us with a fresh challenge...Perth Style Co. were asked to transform two river front appartments that had been sitting on the market for a long period of time. Always always up for the tough tasks we got creative and super strategic and have brought these two homes back to life!

"She's All That"



With a swing swing and a sway sway…

This vibrant and captivating style of home is sure to capture attention of buyers! She oozes sophistication, elegance and it’s all about her personality.

We have showcased this home by playing on the current hit trend - monochrome & colour pops. ‘She’s All That’ as we commonly referred to her – is soft and welcoming yet high impact the moment you walk through the door. She speaks a thousand words and we used this as a foundation to build a warm, modern slightly eclectic and charismatic feeling to engage buyers. Wowza!

We have added high end retro fashion detailing to bring some luxury to the staging of this home - Black and white fashion images, original artwork by Delight Society. This was all designed to strategically stand out from other listings when it re-enters the market. We want the property to sing to a broad demographic and aim for the high side of the asking price which is the high $1 Millions.

Personality plus! This property now lives in 2015 and buyers will not only be attracted to this - they will respond!

"Urban Industries"



Where Perth’s iconic Swan River mouth joins the Indian Ocean there lies a hive of activity. A cargo port and hub of historical monuments has fast become a sought after lifestyle destination to the modern day hipster. Alternative living, sculptures, street art and foodies flood the ever evolving surrounds of Fremantle making it a fun, quirky place to be.

Nestled amongst all this activity is “Urban Industries’.

Timber, Metals, Shipping Containers.. We have showcased this home by playing on it’s surroundings and pairing with the industrial trend. From lamps, tables and photography from local Perth artists our attention to detail ensures the theme is constant throughout.

You will find designer soap ware and soft furnishings throughout, linen sofas for a relaxed feel and replica tolix dining suites to introduce heavy modern metal and of course our signature rock star on trend artwork just to take it to the next level for that high impact first impression. Contain yourself!!

Check out the full marketing campaign video below.. we know you will love it!

With love and style,

Sara xx

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