Luxury Styling



When you are looking to style your own home, your own personal space, it’s lovely to be surrounded by that feeling of luxury. We would like to share with you some pointers on how you can achieve that “feeling”.

When you walk in to a place that you consider luxurious, what is it that you think ignites those feelings of luxury? Often, it comes down to associations that generate that reaction from us. Clean, crisp sheets with a beautifully pressed duvet, a fluffy white bathrobe, candles in the bathroom, soft, elegant lighting, plush carpet, shiny, reflective surfaces – these are all things you might find in a hotel for example. Therefore, as they are found in a hotel, we believe them to be luxurious.

Now, for the transition of the hotel luxury into your own home. Think about what luxury is to you and make those the starting points on your shopping list.

Some simple changes and examples that are relatively cost effective would be:

  • Changing your scatter cushions. Opt for quality fabrics and duck feather inserts so you can finish with the “karate-chop”

  • The addition of fur or faux fur will ensure any area feels luxurious. Fur scatter cushions or a fur runner for the bed/sofa

  • Ensure your lighting creates a mood. Dimmer switches and halogen lights will give a warm mood light. If you want to step it up further and budget permits, then the addition of pendant lighting in your kitchen or living area will help create the feeling of opulence.

  • A simple change to the bedroom – new bedside lamps!

  • Mirrors. Choosing the right mirror will bring luxury to any room of the home

  • Crisp, pressed linen. Giving your bedroom a birthday will always freshen the space and make it feel like new

  • Candles are ok to use every day of the week if you ask us! The smell ignites the senses and ensures you feel like you are in a luxurious day spa but in the comfort of your own home

  • Splash out and get some lovely hand soaps in your bathrooms so you are proud for guests to be washing their hands!

Realistically, it is all about the selection of fabrics, textures and aligning your styling with what you believe is luxury. Start with small accessories and when the budget permits start to invest in quality, classic pieces that will stand the test of time. There is no reason you can’t feel like you are sleeping in a suite at the Crown every night!

Sweet dreams dreamers...

With love and style

Sara xx

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