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Real estate styling in Perth is continuing to gain traction as vendors begin to see the true value in staging a property. This interest has created a niche market that allows an environment for passionate professionals, such as Jes, to flourish.


Armed with a true love for interior design and décor, Jes has nine years’ experience as a visual merchandiser for a fast paced, global fashion brand. Consequently, her creative eye is second to none.


Having studied vigorously the fundamentals of design, Jes has a holistic understanding of all things interiors. Her customer centric mentality means Jes can identify and develop exceptional visual concepts to utilise any space with ease.


In her previous role as national field VM manager, Jes has been involved in over 40 retail store openings and refurbishments across Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Responsible for upholding an incomparable brand experience, Jes’ talent lies in creating and implementing a cohesive customer journey. As a result, Jes is solutions focused and incredibly innovative with an unparalleled attention to detail – the perfect addition to the Perth Style Co. team!

jes koedyk